November 17, 2010


First saw Liz Uy 2007 at a fashion event in Crossings Department Store - Shangri-la Mall. She's super simple and thin back then. She was with John Lloyd at that time. She seems so nice and shy for a stylist but never a snub.
The photos below were taken at the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week in Mall of Asia. I cannot help but tell Liz that she has a big resemblance with Ruffa Gutierrez. She smilingly replied, "yeah, I get that comment a lot". Funny that Liz is a very close friend of Raymond Gutierrez, who's the brother of Ruffa Gutierrez, who's the ex-girlfriend of John Lloyd Cruz...ahhh, showbiz!
E pano ba naman di mai-in love si P-NOY kay Liz Uy? She's pretty, nice and intelligent. She's the type of girl any guy would love to bring home and meet his parents/family.


  1. she looks like Vivian Velez.. =)

  2. Wow, up close and personal with Liz. Galing ah! Btw sis, similar tayo ng post. Hot issue eh. Hihi.


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