November 17, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week - Rajo Laurel for Wharton and Kate Perry

I'm not fashionista. I can go anywhere wearing just shirt, shorts and snickers or flip-flops. I've been invited many times before to cover Philippine Fashion Week but I politely declined. I won 2 exclusive Philippine Fashion Week invites at BDJ Fair courtesy of Ms. Dona Cuna Pita. I asked friends who'd like to have the invites but all seem to be busy (who's not busy on ber months anyway?).
Cocktails by Italiannis

Wilma Doesnt WOW(ed) the crowd

The collection of Rajo Laurel (for Wharton) is neo vintage aesthetic that showcases the new groovy. While Kate Torralba's (for PaperDolls) inspired by the swinging 60's.

Curtain call for Kate Perry (Rajo Laurel couldn't make it that night)

Glad to have seen Blogger Earth Rullan of

Met Shei Salvador (covering for Candy Mag). She's a super nice young lady

Joey Mead (Tough Jeans Ambassador), with siblings Cristalle and Quark Henares

Ex-couple Atom Henares and Dr. Vicky Belo with Tim Yap

Pia Magalona

The highlight (for me) of this event is the music video showcasig the 2 designers

With Richard...err..Raymond Gutierrez

Was seated beside Sarah Meier, beside her is her equally pretty daughter

Stylist Liz Uy

Tim Yap

Dr. Vicky Belo

Maxine Magalona

Pia Magalona

Miriam Quiambao

Kate's bodyguards were telling her time to go, but she was nice enough to stay for this photo


  1. the one with Pia M( beside her daughter) is chuvaness hehe

  2. galing naman friend... very nice pics... miss u and ate grace... ella here


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