November 8, 2010

School Bus Ride

This is Kuya Chriz, Julia and Rafael's school bus conductor for 2 years now. To me, he is a quiet young man. To my kids and other kids who rides Kuya Chriz bus, he is KKK: a kind and kalog (Filipino term for cheerful) Kuya.

It was raining cats and dogs when I decided to surprise Rafael by visiting him in school and riding with him in his school bus on the way home. I was moved by what I saw (close to crying actually). Chriz, was picking up the kids, 8 in all, one by one. Carrying their gigantic bags while holding the umbrellas for the kids.

Kuya Chriz made sure to make the kids seat comfortably...

...before finally taking his own seat

Kuya Chriz with Rafael

The Grade 3 girls of Dominican College

School bus drivers and conductors carry a big responsibility in making sure of the students safety from pick up at home and back. They also suffer from the parents (mostly from moms!!!)wrath when they pick up late and when the kids get home late. To all parents with kids who rides the school bus: Make school bus drivers and conductors feel more appreciated this Christmas. If last year you gave them a shirt, this year why not give them 2 shirts (or 3 or 4...); if last year you gave them P500, this year why not give them P500 and a shirt or 2 or 3 or 4...

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  1. I've been making a list of people to give gifts to, I completely forgot about my daughter's school shuttle driver & conductor/assistant. Thanks for the reminder :)


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