December 19, 2010

Anti-Aging Facial at Clarity

Prior to attending all my events commitments the past weeks, I visited Clarity for Advanced Anti-Aging Treatment for that youthful glow.

(here with Olive, one of the nicest Clarity staff)

Advanced Anti-Aging Treatment. The ultimate indulgence to reverse aging of skin! Glycolic acid cream is applied, zeroing in on photo damaged wrinkled areas of the face. Skin is then soothed with a powerful antioxidant serum for a softened and youthful glow.
Duration : 45 mins

Last Saturday I attended Alberto Clan Reunion at my Uncle Tino's place. And this is what he said, "aba pamangkin, mukhang pinaghandaan mo ang reunion natin ha (while touching my cheek), walang ka linya linya". I liked his comment!!!

These boys and girls are my cousins' children I haven't seen for years. They are all teenagers (except for Joca, the one in blue, who's my cousin and inaanak too).

These boys and girls are also my cousins' children, they are in their early twenties. They have seen me for the first time. And because they do not know me, one (the guy with glasses) asked, "pinsan po ba or tita?". Uy, I'm happy, pinagkamalan akong ka-edad nila.

Thanks CLARITY for taking care of my skin...

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  1. Mommy Joy, how much is that facial treatment from Clarity? Do they have a branch in Pasig?


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