December 24, 2010

A.R.K. (Act of Random Kindness)

It is easy for us to be kind to people we know, like co-workers, teachers of our children, our boss or neighbors. It is much easier to be kind to people we love, like our family, friends and relatives.

How about to people that we don't know. Our lives nowadays are always in a hurry that oftentimes we forget to stop and smell the roses, help a blind man cross the street, or the simplest form of giving your seat (while in a public transport) to an elderly, pregnant women, and women with children in tow.

I dedicate this post to strangers I have met along the the road while doing my personal stuff. Thanks to all Blogger Moms (you know who you are Mommies) who have given/donated things for sharing to these wonderful people. Also, sSpecial mention to Mr. Philip Jaime Servando of Pointwest - Makati.

(Meann, from Cainta, is a mother of 5. She just gave birth 2 months ago to her youngest)

(Vanessa, from Quezon City, is a mother of 5 kids)

(Khim, from Quezon City, is a fifteen year old girl who stopped studying to help her family. She now works as Yaya)

(Daisy, from Mandaluyong, is a single parent of 2 girls. Her 16 year old daughter is giving birth by January)

(Jonathan, originally from Pangasinan but is now boarding in Pasay. His wife and 2 year old daughter stays in Pangasinan. Jonathan gets to see them every after two months. )


  1. This is fun Mommy Joy. We can do that again next year. As early as now, I will think of saving stuff that we don't use anymore, but could be useful to others. I think everybody can be happy to give even a little contribution. Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Thanks Jingke for the stuff you shared!!!


Thank you for the joyful comments!