Attitude of Gratitude

For my first post this 2011, I'd like to talk of the simple joy of living from a grateful heart. An attitude of gratitude is the foundation of success for anything we get involved in like friendships, romance, business deals and others. Expressing a word of thanks is good manners. The person receiving it feels appreciated (and loved maybe). On the other hand, the person giving it feels happy and grateful. Thank you is made up of two simple words, but some find it difficult to utter. Others, would just say it just for the heck of saying it. Say thank you with sincerity, and learn how to genuinely say it.
I'd like to say a word of thanks to those who have been nice to me last 2010.

As always, first on my list is Mrs. Pineda, Pehpot, Pe, P of She has been instrumental why you can read my blog. If not for her, all that I'm posting are invisible. P, Thank you!!!

Azrael is one big name in the world of Blogging, but you won't think he is, no air at all! He is nice and down to earth. Lace is the better half of Az. She is one fashionista Momma, who's not afraid in donning just shirt and shorts at an event and be super glamorous on the next.

Ashton, of course, is the fruit of Az and Lace. He could be my son from another set of parents. He's so cute and lovable...probably the busiest baby by attending events here and there with his parents. Coladilla Family, Thank you!!!
Kaye Mendez is a web designer I have met thru P. Though we didn't get to meet while I was in Baguio, I am truly satisfied and happy with my blog's new look. Kaye, Thank you!
There are many Mommy Bloggers here in the Philippines, the moms on the photo below are probably the nicest and fun to be around with during events. Mommy Bloggers community (and those who aren't in the photo because they had other events to attend to, you all know who you are), Thank you!!!
For many reasons, friends do come and go. These new set of friends I have, made my 2010 really joyful and eventful. Friends, Thank you!!!
For my hot choco mocha (though you know I cannot take much of you for health and practical reasons), you have made the last seven days of my 2010 jumpy, awake, enthusiastic and happy. Hot Choco Mocha, Thank You!!!
Finally, my Family! For the patience and understanding (when times I have to be out for events and hosting), for the love and care (when you massage me after coming from events and hosting), for being there whether the weather is good or bad...Dad, Julia, Rafael and Juan, Thank you!!!

To all my followers, readers and visitors, Thank you!!!


  1. happy new year mommy joy, hope to see you in blogging events this year:)

  2. You have a lovely family, Mommy Joy, and 2010 has been good to you. Here's wishing you more blessings, more success, and more happiness in 2011.

  3. Jared's Mum: You're one of the nice Mommy Bloggers I've met, Thank You!See you...

    Tetcha: What can I say, you're genuinely nice, Thank You!

  4. hello joy! happy new year! :D

    you are blessed to have great friends all around you! :D

  5. Thanks Chris! We missed you at the cowboy party.

  6. Thanks to you too! for making my life even more Joyful!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR MY BELOVED!!! GOD bless you & your family... love you!

  7. Hi Joy, Happy New year!!!

    I'd like to thank you also for your kindness thoughtfulness and moments. You know that "Nothing worth anything ever goes down easy".

    God bless you and your family!

  8. Star, you make me happy all the time we get to see each other. You're fun and happy disposition in life is infectious...

  9. Anonymous, you're right, "nothing worth...", but if there's one thing that I know to be true, is that...

  10. WOW I'm HERE!!! YAy!! kilig! :)

    Thank you thank you din sayu! It's really nice to MEET you! Bagay n bagay sau ang name mo coz you are full of JOY. :D

    Happy New YEar!!! :D

  11. Jes: more events for us this 2011...see you...


Thank you for the joyful comments!