December 29, 2010

Electrolux Wok-a-holics Christmas Party

Electrolux is one of the world's top maker of home appliances. Electrolux is committed to developing products that are highly innovative, yet thoughtful and intuitive. In order to design appliances thoughtfully, they must be imagined by people who are in tune with our life. This is how Electrolux make products that make you say, “They were thinking of me.”
Last August 2010, in cooperation with Mommy Academy, Electrolux held three legs of Wok-a-holics Cookoff Challenge. I was one of the lucky Mom (along with my partner Lourdes Labii) who brought home a gas range for being the third placer.

All the Moms who joined Wok-a-holics Cookoff Challenge had a blast. Come December, these Mom asked me to organize our Christmas cum Get-together Party.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to Sir Terry Sales, Electrolux Marketing Manager, for helping us make this party possible. Also, to Ms. Andrea Pionilla for all the assistance she provided. As a whole, thank you Electrolux!!!
We held this party last December 10, 2010 at The Legend Villas Executive Suite. Unfortunately, all the other moms invited for this event couldn't make it due to prior commitments. Others, like my partner Lourdes, went abroad to spend the holidays.

Christmas Parties wouldn't be complete without exchane gifts...

Kwentuhan, tawanan and kulitan was of course, always a part of any happy occasions

I brought my magic mike for everyone's delight. Star (in red, second from left), is of course, always the Star. But I was particularly amazed that Honey (in orange) sang very well. Among the wok-a-holics contenders, Honey was always the most quiet, behave (she's the only one!) and poised.

Our kids enjoyed eating Magnolia Ice Cream on stick, cotton candy flavor

The stunning Ms. Cara Del Rosario, Subic Grand Seas Resort's Executive Assistant for Operations, came to visit.

To top it all, Ms. Cara even gave four overnight accomodation to Subic Grand Seas Resort (yipee!!!)
Thanks to Ms. Billie Liboro of Body Shop for providing us Moringa Milk Body Lotion
Everyone went home with an Electrolux goodies

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