December 28, 2010

Goya Cookies and Cream

On our last day at Baguio Country Club, kids were lucky to have seen Mrs. Santa...

...and Santa Claus himself! They even gave presents to all the kids dining that time

This is what Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa gave, Goya Cookies and Cream

On our drive way back to Manila, we can't help but open one Goya Cookies and Cream

Julia liked it...

...and Rafael...

...even Dad liked it. He said, "sarap ah, tastes like Hershey's Cookies and Cream!"


  1. I don't know about cookies n cream, but Goya's roasted almonds coated with dark chocolate is my favorite. Sarap talaga!

  2. sarap talaga ng goya!!!

  3. Mrs. Kolca: I will try Goya's roasted almonds on our next grocery

    Bedai: sarap tlaga, try it...


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