December 23, 2010

Hot Choco Mocha

If there are comfort foods, there must be comfort drinks! This cold season, what keeps me high is a cup of Hot Choco Mocha. Whatever coffee brand it is, as long as it is Hot Choco Mocha I'm good with it. I can take it anywhere, wherever, whenever. The problem though, is that because I'm taking too much of this Hot Choco Mocha, I'm always up, even during times when I must sleep.
(Our coffee mug collection)

Here's Little known facts about coffee: (Source: Projects by Students for Students)
Goats actually discovered the coffee plant. Their shepherd noticed that they were getting very hyper; therefore, one day, he followed their every move, and found out that they were eating a strange berry that was keeping them awake all day and night. Monks used coffee to stay awake and concentrate on what they were doing.

What keeps you up these days?


  1. Nice collection of mugs! Unfortunately, I am the kind of person who doesn't like drinking nor eating anything with coffee or mocha for that matter. I just can't like the taste! :(

  2. Mrs Kolca: I'm trying very hard to give up is causing me acid reflux of some sort, and insomnia too!


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