December 2, 2010

Juan For All, All For Juan

I like the name Juan, not just because my youngest child's name is Juan, also because of Eat Bulaga's portion of Juan For All, All For Juan. Even my sister-in-law, Mhanette, who's based in the U.S. never fail to watch Juan For All, All For Juan.

Jose and Wally are super funny!

(All photos from Eat Bulaga's website)

Jose, Wally (and sometimes Paolo too) and EB's staff go from barangay to barangay to give laughter and big prizes. Not everyone have the time and enough money to go to the studio, kaya naman EB's Juan For All, All For Juan is such a big help to EB's followers.

The portion where they showcase the talents of a resident in a certain Barangay they visit is very entertaining and hilarious!

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  1. punta nmn puh kayu sa mambog binangonan rizal kc ni isang artista walang pumupunta d2 pls nyme kouh rose marie st. nmn or adress ay 346 catleya 2 street mambog binangonan rizal? tnx ang nyme kouh ay rose marie


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