December 16, 2010

Make Them Happy

Let me share a short story with you…We don’t have a Yaya for the past nine (9) months now. Our long time Ate (as we call her) decided to raise a family of her own and is now a mom herself. We tried to find a replacement as good and efficient as her but to no avail.

Since she left, I decided to be a ‘supermom’ (doing all the household chores and taking care of my kids). It is very hard! My husband and I seldom go on a date anymore because there’s nobody to leave our kids with. Long story short, whenever I bring my son to school and see the respective Yayas in the waiting area, I cannot help but miss our Ate. Realizing the importance that Yayas play in our family, I organized a simple Christmas Party for the Yayas in Angel's Institute fo Learning . It was just a two-hour party since we all have to be back in school and fetch our respective 'alaga' (kids). Eating was first on the program. Singing, singing and more singing and exchange gifts. Yes, I got super tired, but seeing the happiness in their faces made me want to do this kind of party again next year.

I know, sometimes Yayas have attitude problems, but who wouldn't? Tayo din naman minsan pumapalpak at may topak. To those of you who still have a Yaya, thus having the luxury and freedom of enjoying your respective careers, why not make your Yaya, Househelp, Nanny or Ate/s this Christmas happy,better yet happier...


  1. Awww.. thanks very nice of you sis. I can tell that they are very happy and enjoying. Yes to celebrating again next year!

    In my case, a have a yaya-cousin for my daughter. To return her kindness, we are taking her early next year to a trip abroad. Life is really hard without a yaya so..

  2. Jingy: that would be great for your yaya/cousin!!!kuddos to you!!

  3. It's really hard to find a reliable and trustworthy yaya nowadays, but if we find one, we should really show her that she is a part of our family. In our case, we give 13th month pay to our yaya and we give a yearly increase. Mommy Joy, it was nice of you to hold this party for these yayas. They, too, deserve, a break!


Thank you for the joyful comments!