December 18, 2010

Sunflowers of Baguio

Twice a year my family and I go to Baguio for that much needed R & R (rest and recreation). Normally, we bring nephews, nieces, cousins and friends to tour around the place. This time, hubby and I decided to go, bringing just our kids.
It always delights me to see sunflowers along the roads of Baguio. Sunflowers give me that certain feeling of nirvana. It also reminds me of my friend Sheila Kinol. When Sheila married Alain some 11 years ago, her bouquet was a huge sunflower. It's not the usual bouquet for a bride, but it was one of those bouquets that really stuck on my mind.
Because there were just 3 kids to look after and take care of at the back of the car, I told my husband, "you know dad, every time we come up here, I always think of picking those sunflowers." Hubby then replied, "you can't reach it, malaglag ka pa sa bangin." I immediately said, "at least I'll die happy holding those beautiful flowers".
Looking for the right spot where we will not cause traffic, John stopped the car and gave in to my whim.

I was extra happy in this photo because I didn't expect husband will make an effort to take photos of me while picking those beautiful sunflowers.

I've been thinking of picking those sunflowers the first day I went in Baguio. For many years, it was just on my mind. This day, I got my wish and it made me really joyful. Bottom line is, speak your mind, it will only take a minute. Who knows, your greatest wish might be granted this coming Christmas.


  1. That's a perfect shot of you up there, holding a bunch of sunflowers. Looks like a photo from a calendar or something. It makes a good banner and background too huh! :)

  2. nice shot gurl, love it, pwede na pang model. hehehe....

  3. i totally agree with the ladies above. i was reading my google reader and immediately click the link to your post. you are so beautiful and more beautiful with sun flowers in your hand! just perfect!

  4. i love! ako din gusto ko yan kaso takot ako baka malaglag ako hehehe


Thank you for the joyful comments!