January 4, 2011

AD Police - Love me Tonight by Lou Bonnevie

It's always good to be ready with a cam. I was sucker for pop/rock music during my youth. So, when I saw Lou Bonnevie at Megamall, I didn't twink twice asking her for picture-picture (lol).
Marilou Yuson Bonnevie is a Philippine pop/rock musician. She started her career in 1984 and has published several albums. Her music was also used in the AD Police film. She is the first cousin of Dina Bonnevie. She is of French and Italian descent

Lou, told us, she just opened a Japanese Resto at St. Francis Square. Of course, I forgot the name of the resto, I was star-strucked!!!

Sharing to you one of Lou's most popular songs...which I really like...

So many nights, so many dreams,
That I've been runnin' in my sleep.
There's too much pressure in my mind.

I'm feelin' cold, come hold me tight.
I think I should kiss you one more time,
And tell you there's somethin' I feel inside.

'Where is the light?'
I need to see you.
Open your arms.
I need to touch you.
I wanna feel your love,
And hear you say goodnight.

Love me tonight.
Sing me a love song.
Come, hold me tight,
And make me feel strong.
I can see your love
Comin' in my heart.
Now I know my life
Is just a love away.

I'm getting to find myself with you...
I didn't know what things to do.
Now that you're here to guide me,
I feel more secure.

Repeat Chorus except last 2 lines

Repeat 2nd stanza of chorus, except
last 2 lines, until fade...


  1. nakakarelate ako, sis =). ganda pa rin nya.

  2. hi, joy! i am your new follower here. thank you very much for following mine.

  3. How nice you were able to ask her for a photo op.

  4. Rossel: Nice, now we're connected...
    Jingky: Di ako mahiyain, basta I like the star...picture-picture...


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