January 20, 2011

Beware, Be careful, Be mindful...

I am prone to losing stuff in so many ways...In fact, the space won't be enough If I enumerate them all, so I'm just going to tell you the classic ones:

I just stepped out of SM Megamall in 1996 when a man from my side snatched my gold bracelet. A year after, same thing happened but in a different place, this time in SM North Edsa. From then on I stopped wearing gold bracelets and other gold accessories. I geared into wearing white gold and silver accessories.
A lot of times after shopping, I'd forget where I placed my packages. I'd sometimes lose stuff in a cab. Because of this, my liking for big bags such as backpacks and sling bag developed.
At least once a year I'd lose a cellphone or two, which mostly happens in the movie house. Last year, I told my husband not to buy me anymore. I can live without it. But he insist on buying for emergency purposes, I said yes but never the expensive ones, anyway I'm just going to lose it again. It has been 7 months now (crossing fingers!) and this not so high-tech and cheap phone is still with me (I am happy!).
The latest was last October. While fitting some clothes from a clothes shop, my purse was stolen by a lady who run as fast as she could. Her face will be forever etched in my memory and when I see her again, I'll smack her as hard as I could (LOL!). That woman took a lot of money from me, I hope she enjoyed it up to the last centavo.

We hear horror stories all the time. . .But my husband would always tell me (right after I lose something: "Babe, it is those people's job to steal. And it is your job to take care of your things and stuff. Stop crying now, we'll just get you a new one tomorrow (oh, sweet...).
Sharing with you the latest laptop stealing that was captured in a CCTV camera that happened in Oyster Boy, Metrowalk, Ortigas area at 11 PM.

Here's the description posted on YouTube:

Please inform me if the suspect is spotted, or if you know of any leads to his whereabouts.
Please forward and share this video. Any form of help will be greatly appreciated.
Look at the top-right table. Black knapsack with neon reflectors.
Suspect (white shirt, shorts, gray knapsack) enters at approx 1:34.
Stolen item:
Apple MacBook Pro (Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M + 9600M GT with 512MB, 15-inch)
Serial Number: W89352LJ644
Disclaimer: Oyster Boy management has been very cooperative in helping us and they have been able to immediately provide us with the CCTV videos of the incident. We are very thankful for their immediate action and cooperation.


  1. my gosh!!! sayang naman! ....nweis grabe sis ah ang tinik nung magnanakaw :)) ang kaso ang layu ng CCTV cam para mamukhaan ang lalake!

    wag k n magsuot ng mga alahas at mukha k p namang talagang mayaman...:D

  2. i'm subscribing refer by lariza garcia

  3. im subscribing refer by lariza garcia

  4. im subscribing refer by lariza garcia

  5. im subscribing refer by lariza garcia

  6. grabeh! nobody's really safe now... even in our homes ano? haaaaaay! was here sis!


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