January 20, 2011

The Body Shop - Blog Me Up, BUTTERCUP

Vowed last year to cut on attending events, just choose the really, really nice ones. Then came an invite from the Body Shop...

This I shall not allow to pass. On the day of the event, as I was dressing up, Juan said, "I thought Mom you're done with the events?". Clever son of mine, he remembered what I said on the last days of 2010...But of course, Mommy is more clever, so I retorted, "ah yeah Baby, I'm done with the events for 2010, today is 2011 so I'm going...bye Baby, I love you!".
Bloggers at the Body Shop - Megamall

Body Shop's Body Butter line

The young and beautiful people behind The Body Shop success

Winners of the Name That Tune Game. Winners of the Body Butter Mixing Game

My friends: Jen, Beds, and Lyn . My Body Butter Mixing group: Earth & Shen


  1. pretty ladies here! magiging pretty pa because of Body Shop!! by the way mommy, i tagged you in this:

  2. Yes they are pretty indeed. I followed you back...

  3. Hey! Cool blog you got here! I'm the one you were talking to on air awhile ago :) thanks for calling btw! :D add me up on facebook

    andre co

  4. all the pretty ladies! you should tag me for an event like this. you know how much i love anything that will make me pretty. :P you look prettier in white and curly hair.. :)


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