January 17, 2011

Clarity's Oral Prophylaxis

Commonly known as “professional cleaning”, oral prophylaxis uses hand instruments and ultrasonic scalers to detect and remove plaque deposits in the teeth. It is primarily done on the first appointment to help us make a thorough evaluation of your dental health state. Referred to as preventive dentistry, oral prophylaxis involves all clinical tests, treatments and patient education that will help patients prevent oral disease.

There are 3 cases of oral prophylaxis done by dentists at Clarity Aesthetics Medical and Dental Center. They usually treat cases depending on one’s teeth condition may it be mild, moderate, or severe.

Clarity dentists like Dr. Maria Sheila D. Geli-Gonzales uses universal scaler depending on the patients’ teeth condition. If given the condition of a super severe, they use manual scaler to profusely clean the teeth, gums, and tongue. After the treatment, the dentist put an amount of pumice and toothpaste to prolong the cleanliness.

Surely, the effects of oral prophylaxis is purely preventive and is definitely beneficial for the whole idea of good hygiene...and great smile!

Visit Clarity for that much needed oral prophylaxis. visit their website http://www.clarity.com.ph/
Telephone: 910-4955 to 64
Clinic Mobile: 0917-8525014


  1. I really need to visit my dentist soon too. Need some cleaning and fixing to be done. Hayyy.

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  3. im subscribing refer by lariza garcia

  4. i'm subscribing refer by lariza garcia

  5. i'm subscribing refer by lariza garcia

  6. I wonder if gums can be wired like braced teeth...


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