January 12, 2011

Customer Service At It's Best

Doing the grocery is a family thing for us. As the movie Lilo and Stitch said it, OHANA, no one gets left behind. Yesterday, my husband was busy supervising the re-painting of our bedroom, while Julia and Rafael were still in school, I decided to just go and bring Juan.

It was my first time to go at Robinson's Supermarket - California Gardens, Mandaluyong Branch. Though the place is not as big where we usually buy stuff, I must say, Robinson's Supermarket - California Gardens is one supermarket I'm going to be fond of.

The place is clean and the staff are accommodating and friendly

Worth mentioning are these two guys:

ELMER AUDITOR was super helpful! I was only asking where to get Magnolia Ice Cream, what he did was beyond expectation. He helped me find other items that I can't see (yeah, yeah..forgot my glasses, wasn't wearing contact lenses, too!)

GILBERT CANADA is one happy guy! Posing ala rapper for this shot. When I was about to go back and get some stuff I left at the Package Counter, he offered, "Ma'am kung gusto nyo po ako na ang kukuha". Before finally driving off, I handed out twenty pesos to Gilbert. He didn't get it, and said, "wag na po Ma'am, okay lang po, balik po kayo, thank you Ma'am".

How's that for a customer service? I hope Robinson's Supermarket Management take notice of what these guys did, CUSTOMER SERVICE AT IT'S BEST!!!


  1. Those two guys were definitely worth mentioning.

    Sometimes dahil sanay ka sa big grocery stores, yung mga staff nila di na talaga pinapractice ang customer service. Yung iba nakikita ka na nahihirapan, sige lang chika lang ng chika. Tanungin mo and they won't even give you the time of day.

    Kudos to these two and sana nga mapansin sila ng management for a job well done. :)

  2. Kat: Yes, you're right, sa big groceries, sa sobrang dami ng tao, wala ka na lang sa kanila...


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