January 25, 2011

Food Tasting at Lola Maria's

Friday Food Tasting
An event that’s so exciting
It’s meant for food blogger
Warmly hosted by Ms. Ginger
Daughter of my former bosses, Mr. & Mrs. Wyden & Peachy King
Fully grown-up and the hotel she’s now managing.

From the menu, three were served as starters
Which for me, were more than appetizers
Just right for its size
Can be eaten on its own or even with rice.

First portion was Vegetable Quiche
A mixed veggies dish
In a soft crust it’s baked
Any vegan would love for health sake.

Prawn Cake, an extraordinary shrimp ball
Better version and more delectable
In flavorful hoisin sauce,
You would ask for another dose.

Cream dory fillet covered with pinipig flakes
Crunchy fish dish, in your mouth it quakes
I grew up eating pinipig on a popsicle stick
This one with cayenne mayo dip gives an extra kick.

Cocido, beef & vegetable dish that is tasty

One of the realtives specialty
With boiled & mashed eggplant dip
Makes it definitely hip.

Grilled rib eye marinated in Garlic & Rosemary
Partnered with mashed potato and Shiitake gravy
Another beef dish that’s so tender
Perfect carbo load for a healthy runner.

For sweet ending, there were desserts in trio
Varying in sweetness and uniquely Filipino
There’s an Ensaymada pudding
- A day old bread with custard filling
Then panna cotta with langka and ube
And fried suman drenched in tsokolate.

Pandan iced tea,Pomelo slush,and Dalandan Slush
Beverages served, initially, in jiggers
Whatever your choice, refill will be in glass
All these three, in shots, I opted and drank in cheers.

Oops, calamansi sorbet, not to forget
Purposely given to cleanse the palate.

Had learned that all recipes were cooked without MSG
You’ll go home happy, without allergy
So, all you foodies out there

Come and get your share
Try these at Lola Maria’s
A restaurant found at The Legend Villas.

Poem above composed by my good friend Jingle Leomo
January 24, 2011
SJV home, Laguna

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  1. soooo yummmyyyy!!! and all the while, i thought this was not in manila


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