January 6, 2011

Makeover Unang Hirit

I normally watch television in three E's. Early morning, Eat Bulaga, and the Evening news. I like watching Unang Hirit everyday, the casts are easy and nice, especially Suzie Entrata and Lyn Ching. I also like puppet Arn-Arn.

Unang Hirit used to have this segment Makeover, where the viewers write them and ask UH to help them transform or fix whatever they feel is worth fixing.

I wrote UH in year 2005, it goes something like this...I am a happy wife and mom of twin kids. When I got pregnant with them, I gained 62 lbs...blah, blah, blah...

I was hoping to get a free lipo (lol). UH Executive Producer called me up one day, telling me I was chosen among the many who sent requests. Actually, I was just a back-up. A certain used to be model, that was to be featured on this segment backed out. Ouch! I was just a "panakip butas" (second choice). Who the hell cares, I went in anyway!

Met UH In-house Stylist Kat Manalo in Megamall. We went around, got clothes and bathing suit for the shoot (I was pinching for a model, mind you, and they were featuring it for Summer segment) I was thinking, "what the heck am I doing here".

The next day, I was picked up by a GMA van to meet Dr. Calayan (the male Calayan). UH Exec. Producer introduced me, "Hi Doc, this is Ms. Joy. She's here for the makeover. Dr. Calayan blurted, "to kaso natin, sya ba para sa case study!". I didn't know what I was supposed to feel that time. I felt embarrased and I found him 'suplado' (snub). The EP, afterwards, told me..."nagulat si Doc, wala naman daw aayusin...ohh, flattered, flattered, flattered! So instead of the whole body bleaching they promised, Calayan Clinic just gave me bleaching procedure for the underarm (THANK YOU STILL!).

Stylist Kat Manalo
Arnold Clavio

Rhea Santos

Lyn Ching (sisters?)

Fanny Serrano did my make-up!

The aftermath of this makeover: I got pregnant after a month. 
The makeover did its  wonders!


  1. Wow! Artistahin ka din sis. Tapat ka talaga sa mga celebs oh. Kitang-kita ang evidensya sa mga photos mo! Weeeh!

  2. Jingky: Yes, kung ako'y tumangkad laang, ay malamang nag artista ako...bold star (lol)

  3. Hahaha... I was reading from the very beginning, engrossed by the photos thinking "mas maganda nga si sis joy (heheh)". It gave me a real laugh at the end because it made you pregnant after the makeover.

    1. Yes, Lisa, nabuntis ako after this makeover...grabe, nagandahan ng todo si john sakin, hehehehe!

  4. Hahahahah! c Juancho pala produkto nyang Unang Hirit na yan, nahiritan ka! hehehehe


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