January 6, 2011

My Amnesia Girl

Last November 30, I went on a date with my son, Rafael. We headed at Greenbelt 3 to use my 4 free cinema coupons, which was expiring that same day. Due to lack of choices, we went in to see My Amnesia Girl. Since, I didn't have enough sleep for the whole month of November, I figured this movie is the best time to catch up on my long needed sleep.

We do not watch local television a lot, so I have never seen My Amnesia Girl's teaser at all. While other movie trailers were being shown, I thought to myself, this movie must have been patterned to that of 50 First Dates movie of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore...and so, yes, in my mind goes...I'm going to sleep while this movie is showing.

I was all wrong about this movie! I'm no John Llloyd nor Toni Gonzaga fan. But this movie is funny. If you're cheesy, who likes 'kilig moments', better watch this movie. I like the twists, cute! Warning, though, you'll get infected with the cheesy taglines such as "magdala ka ng salbabida...bakit mag swimming ba tayo?...hindi, baka kasi malunod ka sa pagmamahal ko".


  1. I heard good things about this movie, too, from other bloggers. Hmmm. I should watch this film, too. Thanks for the visit, Mommy Joy!

  2. ahahahahh!! I love this movie too! I wanted to watch this kaso not in the theater so I've waited para ma Download ;) I love it! inabot ako ng 2am kasi nga 12 na nung pinanood ko sya and d ako makahinga dahil sa barado kong ilong n anadagdagan pa ng pagka bara dahil sa kakaiyak sa movie n to (ung part n nakakaiyak) at syempre kinabag ako sa kakatwa :D Super LOVE it!


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