January 18, 2011

Newest POOH-mily Addition

Toy Stories

Today is Winnie the Pooh Day. It is but fitting to feature our newest POOH-mily addition...


(We got these two Pooh stuffed toy at Timezone - Bonifacio High Street last December 8, 2010)

Happy POOHmily for each one of us, from left to right: POOHTAY for John, POOHSHA for Julia, simply POOH for Rafael, POOHLOY for Juan, and POOHNAY for me.
We love our POOHs so much that whenever we go on a long drive we make up Pooh Jokes, here's some of them:
1. What's Pooh's favorite food?--- sPOOHgetti and POOHto
2. Who's Pooh's favorite cartoon character?---sPOOHngebob
3. What's Pooh's favorite color? ----POOHla and POOHti, also POOHrple
4. What's Pooh's Favorite movie? --- The POOHnisher
5. What's Pooh's Favorite girl group?---The POOHssy Cat Dolls
(Please feel free to add your Pooh Jokes...)
From Jes Lising: What's Poohs Favorite Social Network? POOHsBook
From Raff: Dapat meron ding POOHDAY, para kay Yaya Inday


  1. thats so cute sister!!! aahhahahah that makes me laugh! even we just had our "breakfast in Bed" cat and laughing so early, this post made me kabag again! :))

    Love it!! :D

    Can't think of a joke...wait...
    What's pooh's favorite social network?
    eh di POOHsbook! :))

  2. i'm subscring. refer by lariza garcia.

  3. HAHAHAHA okay, I am still laughing so hard because somebody from abroad send me a Barbie Doll! then I read this one! napoohpooh ako sa kakatawa :D nyaahaha thanks for commenting and following my blog, will do the same :)

  4. Hola Tukayo! You got a good sense of humor, reading this made my day lol

  5. lol ang kulet! :D nakilala ko n yan before pa buti sinali mo sa toy stories ;D Thanks! see you again next week :D

  6. I have to join this meme!!!miss you joy!


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