January 1, 2011

On Jake Gyllenhaal

I'm a big fan of Jake Gyllenhall (pronounced as Jill-en-hall). He seems like a nice guy with blue eyes and with semi-tousled brown hair, Jake Gyllenhaal has a standout gawky charm. He's no Brad Pitt, but he certainly has that mysterious appeal and definitely one of Hollywood's young hot actors. He was born 19 December 1980 in Los Angeles, California. The son of director Stephen Gyllenhaal, he has been in and around movies since he was a kid.

Jake starred in many movies already but he is best known as the guy who co-starred with Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain.

I was that busy in 2010, that I just found out (as in just this very minute) as I Googled Jake's photos that he is dating young pop superstar Taylor Swift. Anyway, they seem so in love and they look good together.
My children loves Taylor Swift, and I love Jake Gyllenhall, so that makes it all the more great, knowing these two souls found each other.


  1. i love jake from the prince of persia, i even fancied renaming my son dastan jared!haha!happy new year mommy joy:)

  2. Jared's Mum: Dastan Jared, yeah that would be cool...Just the same, whatever name you gave Jared, isa lang masasabi ko, he's super adorable...


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