January 30, 2011

Register and Win Stuff from Winila

1st 50 registrants to get 10,000 pesos worth of Winila items

Want to avail big savings of up to 95% worth of merchandise? A total of 10,000 pesos worth of Winila.com merchandise will be given away for the 1st Fifty (50) registrants. That’s a whooping 200 worth Winila.com load or 20 points for you to bid and win gadgets or items.

Just register to winila.com then comment to this post; place your name, Winila Username, E-mail and contact number! Give it a try to have a chance to win cool items like cell phone, Ipad, gadgets, GC to be delivered right before your doorsteps or you can pick it up at the office if you like.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ms. Joy! just registered to winila.com and here's my contact details:

    Name: Feigh Maniago
    Winila Username: Feigh
    Email: feighmaniago@gmail.com
    Contact No.: 09352453571


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