January 17, 2011

SCTEX Incident

Feeling down and out last December 30, 2010, I asked my husband if we can drive around, and maybe re-visit Zoobic Safari. As a dutiful and supportive spouse, off we went...

The fastest way to reach Subic in general, is via SCTEX. Spending more for the toll fees is nothing compared to the slow moving vehicles you will encounter if you use the old route.

SCTEX road is very smooth and scenic with lots of trees and mountains. But be wary of the sign that says: Speed Limit 100kph/60kph.

Every time we go to Subic and other provinces in the Northern part we use SCTEX. Upon entering SCTEX my husband transforms our family van into a sports car, driving at almost 200kph. I would always remind him, "Dad you're going almost 200". And he'll say, "I'm just following the sign: Speed Limit 100kph/60kph, add that up, that's 160kph.

Be wary on how fast you go. We visit Subic at least once a month but it was our first time to be apprehended due to OVERSPEEDING! Ha, we were CAUGHT and was asked to side park while the police officers get my husband's driver's license. It took my husband almost two weeks before getting back his driver's license. FOLLOW THE SIGN, not only because you do not want a ticket on your way back home, but mainly because of your FAMILY's SAFETY (I hope John reads this post, PEACE DAD, PEACE!!!).


  1. We used SCTEX during our trip to Subic last July. Hubby thought, taking SCTEX was a big mistake and the old route was faster. I blamed it to the empty road because half of the trip was boring.

    Hey, we got apprehended three times. Some Subic and Clark police are strict and overly corrupt. I won't tell the exact violations, but I swear, they made us pay a total of P650!

  2. may speed limit b dun? bakit i husband nakapag 180 dun! panu b naman walang sasakyan at grabe parang airplane na sa bilis LOL wala k mararamdamang umaandar k pla :)) at grabe din ung iba ah lalu n ung motorbike n nkita nmin samantalang naka 160 kme sya nag over take at kumilipad! ysy! kmeng apat nun nag zoobic dn kme eh buti nde kme nahuli!!! :P

    Nung bday ni EThan ko nahuli inlaw ko...may bata kasi sa harapn :)) aun instant na 1k kame! grbeng pulis!!!


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