Shape Matters

I posted this August 21, 2007 (from my old blog, that cannot be searched, invisible ba!). Re-posting for your delight.

This conversation happened last week, sa kalakasan ng bagyong Egay. Goes something like this...

Guys, I have a surprise for you. I like this so much, it's sweet and oh so yummy...(That's me talking to my kids)

Maya maya, my daughter Julia told me, "it's not oval naman mommy ah!.
I asked her, "What?."
She replied, "this! Its not oval, its a circle."
I answered back (papayag ba naman akong patalo sa anak ko!) "Yes, I know it's a circle. Who told you its oval?"
Julia retorted,“You! You said its OVALTEENIES.”
Hay, oo nga naman. At least I know that my Julia can differentiate shapes.

I thought that that's the end of it...biglang humirit si Rafael..
"you know mommy, they should call this circleteenies not ovalteenies kasi it's a circle not an oval...
Buti na lang Juan is still a baby, otherwise di pa tapos ang usapang ito!


Thank you for the joyful comments!