January 9, 2011

Subic Grand Seas Resort

With nothing to do at home, we headed at Subic Grand Seas Resort, Olongapo City. With my latest "artista sighting", Glenda Garcia. Had to call my friend Zen Abelo to ask for Glenda's name. I'm good at remembering people's faces, but bad in remembering names (could this be an early sign of Alzheimer's?)

Rafael was the one who took the first and second shot...Told him (in the photo below), "please El, go get your Dad, so he can take a nicer shot".

Glenda told me, they're actually from Olongapo and that this outing at Subic Grand Seas Resort is sort of a family reunion. Her sister Melissa Mendez was also present but I find her aloof than Glenda, so I didn't ask her to join us anymore for this shot.


  1. Hahaha! Iba ka talaga, Joy! I can NEVER come up to a celebrity like that. I'm just so shy! Kaya nga I envy you...You are the best at that! Idol!

    Glenda is so approachable pala ano? You would think, by looking at the photos, that you 2 are really close. That's really nice of her :)

    Sis, when you asked if I added you already to "BF", did you actually mean to say "FB"? If so, I just signed up for a FB account yesterday. Add kita on Tuesday night okay? That's the time when they will allow me to add more friends eh. (Dami ko kasing friend requests all at once...hehehe). If you want, you can add me! :)

  2. She's still looking pretty noh? At that age, she's still wearing a two piece.

  3. Mia: yeah, Glenda's nice and friendly, you can feel when an artista is faking it. Yes, FB. I was typing so fast siguro I didn't recognize the Bf.

    Jingky: She's sexy pa rin! Hubby nga napa wow e!


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