January 17, 2011

Zoobic Safari - Second Visit

Having withdrawal bouts from hot choco mocha, and nothing to do at home last December 30, 2010, we headed to Zoobic Safari in Subic.

Since December 30 is a holiday, there were too many people who visited the place. Lines are long, from cashier to orientation.

Visitors have the option to use the ZOOPER TRAIN (at P50 per person) or you may use your own vehicle while visiting the different attractions.

Where's the fun if you will choose to bring your car?

Get ready with your 20 and 10 peso bills for there are many animal feeding stations around

Bird feeding at P10 (ten pesos per child/feed)
TIP: The best time to be at Zoobic Safari is in the morning. Be there, very early, so you can enjoy the sunrise while waiting for the gates to open. Plus, staff and tour guides are still active and tend not to rush the tour.

Because we arrived at Zoobic in the afternoon, the tigers are already overfed, no need to buy chicken meat...no tigers came near us, BORING!!!!

Dance Presentation from our Aeta brothers

(TIP: After their presentation, don't forget to give them a tip, not beauty tips nor fashion tips, but monetary tip. They have provided a small tip basket, hooked on one of the trees)

Crocodile Feeding is a fun thing to do, if and when the crocs are not fully fed yet. Whatever we did, because the crocodiles are not hungry, they didn't jump, we just have to leave the feeding rod, along with the rest of the chicken meat.

There's also Dog (dancing Tinikling) and Bird show

Getting hungry after a long tour is not a problem, they have Montezuma Cafe.

Around P150.00 for Grilled Chicken, with rice, vegetables, soup and iced-tea.
(My Rafael asked me, "Mom is this the chicken that the crocodiles didn't eat awhile ago"?(...ewww!). The outcome, only my husband ate the chicken! But we did finish the sinigang soup, rice and iced tea


  1. Hi mommy Joy! Followed you back :) Thanks for visiting!

    Nakapunta lang ako dito when my daughter had their field trip their Dec 4 last year. Ang layo but my daughter had fun so worth it na din na sumama sya.

    Nice pics! You guys looked like you had fun :)

  2. Waaaahh.. Subic Freeport is like a maze. We got lost more than a couple of times during our trip there. My daughter enjoyed the Safari and I enjoyed the duty free shopping, but I can't say that the travel was still all worth it.

  3. Hi Mommy Joy! I followed you too! wow! i wish i can bring my family there too... i've always wanted to bring my son there... pano naman kasi, ang layo ng Bohol sa subic... hehehehe... soon! makakarating din ako dyan!


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