February 7, 2011

Club Mwah!

Club Mwah has been awarded 'The Most OUTSTANDING THEATER CLUB & BAR in Asia many times now. They boast of world class performers and excellent entertainment. It is located at the 3rd Floor, The Venue Tower, Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City.

I used to just watch Club Mwah! whenever they were featured in television shows, such as this at Trip na Trip...

Maybe because Club Mwah is just a street away from where I live, I didn't find it exciting to visit. It was my friend Jingle Leomo who kept on bugging me to watch at Club Mwah. It took me years before finally saying yes. We were supposed to watch last January 22, I had to cancel because we went at Subic Grand Seas Resort. Then January 29, but Jingle is not available. February 4, I had no choice but be at Club Mwah though Jingle was with her mountaineering group for a pre-climb meeting (hu!hu! missed you mare...)

It was a 2 hour non-stop show mala Las Vegas

The 'How Much Is That Doggie' was my favorite

Most of the guests who watch were foreigners coming from France, U.S. and other countries.

Club Mwah is a perfect place to bring friends from different nations, or even our kababayans, who wants to see a theater show that is world class.

Club Mwah is also available for corporate bookings all over the Philippines. If you want your birthday or reunions to be as memorable as can be, you may exclusively book Club Mwah. Many showbiz stars, politicians and ex-pats have done this in the past. During those times, we would find our streets full of cars and bodyguards.

Club Mwah entrance fee is P500 (non-consumable)

Here with Chris Nicolas, Club Mwah's Owner, Choreographer and Performer

After the Follies de Mwah show, guests can stay and do some Club Mwah dancing til they close at 2am.


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