February 27, 2011

The Day After

Time for that much-deserved relaxation the day after Occasions of Joy's Blogversary celebration. A good massage will be the order of the day and Mimelo Spa Home Service provided what I needed.

What's usually missing in a home massage service to give you that feeling that you're in a spa? Answer: ambiance. Mimelo provides their own candle and a portable music player playing relaxing spa music that transports you in real spa-like environment at the convenience of your own home.

Mimelo also provides their own fresh smelling 100% cotton towels and a blanket too.

What made this spa home service more enjoyable is the therapist. She is very accommodating and pleasant. Her name is Happy and I am Joy (we belong, and I have found my Mimelo therapist!).

Happy catered to what my body needed, she was able to take away the aches and pains by providing the right amount of pressure.

The massage felt so good that after 30 minutes my body started to relax...and I fell asleep.

Experience the same zen by calling Mimelo: 585-3278 / 0917.5834333 / 0949.1959067

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