February 25, 2011

PANDESAL PARTY: Occasions of Joy's 1st Year Blogversary

Pandesal Party was born out of admiration, respect and gratitude for a friend .

This was the original e-invite that my cousin Christopher 'Oyic' Alberto made (I forced him to!), unfortunately Active Fun - SM North Edsa was not able to accommodate my preferred time slot

Good thing another sponsor offered thirty thousand pesos for venue and buffet lunch, in exchange for some favors...

(My knight and shining armor, Sir John, who always save me from trouble, embarrassment and whatever problems I get into)
Venue: 49th floor, Baby Nathan's Kitchen, One San Miguel Bldg, One San Miguel Ave., Pasig City
Breakfast was of course pandesal, courtesy of Walter Bread, and sausages and other frozen food courtesy of Break Time

Jem Garcia led the Opening Prayer by performing 'The Prayer' thru a violin
Jem is the daughter of my Blogger friend Lariza Garcia
In all the events and parties I host, I give credit to the early bird/s. Here with Nora Aquino of More Than Just A Sham, came in super early (she saw how I work prior to the event, Nora ---please don't tell them I'm toxic...)

First Speaker, my mentor and friend, Pehpot Pineda of Make or Break, talked about the Diaries of A Mommy Blogger. In summary, Peh or P said that family must come first before blogging

This was a surprise. I asked why there were 5 cupcakes instead of 1, Beds said to represent my Voltes V girlfriends namely, Jen, Jing, Beds, Lyn and Honey

2nd Speaker was Joney Uy of NomNom Club and Bloggers Manila, talked about Etiquette for Bloggers

Ms. Ruth Fungo, Operations Manager of Svelte Wellness Center

Shy Ms. Cel Mabalot of Elro Corp., distributor of top brand Grendha, Ipanema and Rider

Ms. Timmy Del Agua of A-Z Direct Marketing, distributor of Time, Readers Digest and other popular books and magazines

Ms. Shirly Balgua, Marketing Officer of Walter Bread

Mr. Julius Barbero, Marketing Officer of Clarity Aesthetic, Medical and Dental Center

Ms. Imee Plateja, Intern Writer of MOD Magazine

Mr. Ryan De Vera, owner of Love Blends Coffee Souvenirs

Proud to be Dona Maria Brown Rice user and speaker

Parties will never be complete without games. First Game: Eat My P, with couples Honey Bonaggua of BreakTime and Arnold Agulto of Graphixcel, and Jeff Siy of Philippine Promos Freebies and Contest and Melody Co of Girl Kuripot

Honey and Arnold won

Mommy Bloggers had fun with the 2nd Game , Hot Pandesal - more like Hot Potato Game

Josie of Josies Window won

Joyful Mommy Bloggers who took time out from their busy family life and blogging world.

Little did I know that my younger brother, Jubert, is also a Blogger, visit his site: dyoobshvili

Long time friends Hen and Con Dela Vega

Voltes V Girlfriends

Bestfriend Nen Del Rosario

My Ates (Sheila and Rose) made it!!!

Most of all, MY LIFE, MY FAMILY!

Occasions of Joy's 1st Year Anniversary (Bloggers call it Blogversary) wouldn't be made possible without VALUED and BELOVED SPONSORS: My heartfelt gratitude to all!!!




  1. Happy 1st blog anniversary to Occasions of Joy! Glad to be part of that celebration!

  2. Hi fren! Congrats again for a very successful celebration! We're so glad you really enjoyed so much as much as we did. Well, there's one more surprise gift coming up my dear.... I'll give you a COPY of ESPORTS daily news, and just guess what is it in my article that for sure you'll be more amazed once you read it... hihihi can't wait!
    More power and God bless u even more!!! Love you!!!

  3. Thank you for inviting me to your Blogiversary Joy!

  4. Ohhh... I feel bad that I was not able to make it to your event sis. So sorry cos we had to attend to a couple of visitors that day. Happy Anniv anyway. Muah.

  5. hi Joy, I super enjoyed the event, thanks again for the invite and the loot bags..:D Congrats!!!

  6. hi friendship first of all congratulations on your first year blogversary you deserve it so much! and we enjoy the party,and the food too.and for the lootbags of course.once again more power and god bless i love you muah!

  7. Hi Joy :)

    Happy 1st Blogversary :) I was from Tetcha's blog and now following u back :) Event like is so interesting and I would love to celebrate mine as well :)

    KenMAHD (M)om (A)nd (H)er (D)iary)

  8. happy blogversary Joy! Glad to be a part of celebration. I enjoyed the event to the max! thanks so much for the loot bags and pandesal.. so love love it!

  9. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Grabe kulang ang oras ng party!!! ahahhahahha kung pede lang mas mahaba ahhahahah :)) nabitin ako lalo na sa funlipix :))

    Congrats!! Happy 1st year blogversary!

  10. ...nice event! you really put the Pandesal Party yo the next level. Keep it up! More power! & Congratulations!!!...

  11. congrats and more blogversary to come na kasama kami he he he

  12. congrats, Joy! more blogging years to come!


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