February 3, 2011

Walk Away

I've been bad the last quarter of 2010, really bad that I am now reaping what I sow. I've enjoyed too much pleasure from the last year's series of events that now my bad cholesterol is elevated once more.

I am ashamed of not living up to what I believe in - the 3 H - live healthily and honestly to be happy. I am going back to my old routine: a cup or two of Nesvita in the morning.

I am also doing this Nesvita 14-day challenge I came across while doing our grocery yesterday.

Just today I woke up at 5 in the morning to do some brisk walking. It was my husband who asked me to join him. I didn't wear my rubber shoes for I know I'll be quitting and rush back home after a kilometer walk. I really wanted to go back home after 2 kilometers, then 3...until we finished 5 kilometers. It was a good walk while having a nice conversation with the person who has stood by me thru thick and thin, literally speaking, mataba man ako o payat.

This is the reason why the coming of a new year is always a welcome thing for people. You can walk away from the past and embrace the present.


  1. Aww... sweet. I wish we could go on walks too but I have a knee problem. I would love to go back to drinking Nesvita again though. I used to but then stopped. Have to grab a box or two when we go to the grocery :)

  2. I've already started walking but some "plan b" emergency halted my program to oblivion. I have to get back to it real soon! :)

  3. can walking around our house doing chores be counted? ^_^

    good luck.

    i am ur new follower.


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