March 11, 2011

365th Day

Today marks our 365th day of househelp and nanny free. John and I never thought we'd go this far.

The first few weeks, we were having a hard time waking up in the morning to prepare the twins for their 6am school. Friends and neighbors would notice the dark circles in our eyes.

After a month, I got used to waking up at 4:30 in the morning to prepare everything for Julia and Rafael. When the twins are pick by their school bus at 6am, I start and do the laundry til around 11am. John on the other hand wakes up around 9am, then proceeds in cleaning the house and washing the dishes. At 12nn, either John or I (whoever is free) brings Juan to school.

We've survived the first month. then two, then three...Now is our 1st Year Anniversary...then again wondering if we can celebrate another 365 days of househelp and nanny free?

To those of you who have the luxury of having a househelp, shower them with gratitude (and maybe bigger bonus?) for making your lives easy.

Our heartfelt thanks to the following who have been a part of our family (before they fell in love and decide to have a family of their own):

Ate JEMA (Juan's favorite Yaya)



Ate MIMI (Mom's favorite Assistant)

Ate NING (Julia's favorite Yaya)


Ate MILLET (Rafael's Favorite Yaya)


  1. Oh wow, what a feat! It would be easy-peasy without kids but with kids, it's so different. My chikitings are over-the-top kulit, I don't know if I can survive that long without help. And yes it is true to be grateful for the help any household has, praise goes a very long way. I am one of the fortunate who have great help... they have been with me since the birth of my kids and have not changed yayas since. God willing, I hope they stay with us even after the kids are grown up. :) Do see my
    yaya-praise post
    ! :) Hmmm... if you've managed a whole 365 days, should be a breeze to take the yaya-less days further. :)

    P.S. I LOLd at the dark eye circles. :D

  2. wow! i wish we can also survive it, by this May i will be terminating the services of my househelp bec. she wore me out, am looking for a replacement but still cannot find one

  3. congratulations sa inyo ni papa john Kayo ang the best parent!!!

  4. Congratulations! That is very inspiring.

    I think if my husband and I earn while we're at home, we can also do this. We've been very good employers to our previous helpers but they still choose to leave, we don't know why. Now, we are looking for a helper again.

  5. wow congratulations joy!!! heheheh ako 1 month na walang kasma sa bahay heheheheh hooray ako dn lahat ang gawa! :D but its having fun anyways :D
    re sa family time tahnks for joining kaso d ko alam anu ang entry mo ehhehe kasi walang direct link sa time i click mo ang title ng entry mo or post mo for family time then kunin mo url un ang i link mo sa family time hehehehehe :D tpos paki grab ung badge sa site ko ung dilaw...ipasok mo sa post mo para alam ng iba n un ang entry mo para bisitahin k dn nila and mag iwan ng comment :D thnks! mwah!


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