March 3, 2011


Have you ever had a bad day, when everything seems to go wrong? I think everybody does (if not, then you're not normal). Me, I'm having a bad week...and this is why:

It all started when one of my favorite uncles, Uncle Tito, passed away last February 20. I learned about it right after my 1st Blogversary celebration. Then, I had my hair rebonded, only to find out 3 days after that I shouldn't hair looks worst than ever before. My middle finger is inflamed. Last Tuesday, my father was rushed to the hospital for another heart attack, hopefully, he'll recover fast. And last night, I found Rafael's 4th Grading Period Long Test Results were not as satisfactory.

I'll be okay soon, for how else would you know that you had a good day if you never had a bad one. There's a saying "in every cloud there's a silver lining".


  1. Soon, the dark clouds will be over and you'll have brighter days again! Good morning!

  2. its okay sis LIFE is like that, and sometimes 'when it rains, it pours talaga" Yes i experiencing them halos lagi :)) but its okay, coz after these things, you'll get stronger than ever :D CHEER UP!

  3. true and true, "in every cloud there's a silver lining"... rainbow and colorful days ahead my dear!

  4. what to say...

    all of us have our bad day each & every while but come to think of it, everything happens for a reason and that's what destiny permits, we just have to accept that in life the only thing that is permanent is "change" and I know that you can overcome these trials Joy because you're strong and many people loves you dearly, and I'm ONE of them =) smile...


Thank you for the joyful comments!