March 3, 2011

The Bad Finger

I'm having a bad day, but when Juancho strikes, he really lifts my spirit up...

Juan: Mom, you said before don't use the bad finger.
Me: What do you mean? I'm not using my bad finger?
Juan: There o, look at your hand, you're doing the bad finger...

You see, my middle finger has been inflamed for a week now. It started with a paper cut that got infected. I'm taking antibiotics 4 times a day for 3 days now. I try, as always, to see the brighter side of life. Now that I'm under a strong medication, I cannot and do not breastfeed Juan. This is by far the longest time he has not breastfed. They say "it takes 21 days to start a habit", that means I only have 18 days more for Juancho to acquire a habit of soothing himself even without moms 'dudu'.

TRIVIA: How many of you know the Filipino or Tagalog term for middle finger?
ANSWER: Hinlalato
FUNNY ANSWERS I GOT FROM GROWN-UPS: Hinpapakyu, palagitnaan, hinhahaba, pinaka mahabang daliri, susunod na palasingsingan, etc...feel free to add yours...


  1. Oh noh sakit nyan! :))
    nag be breast fed pa dn b si JUAN? seriously? galing ah! :D

  2. totoo? how old na ba si Juan? i breastfed my bunso for 2 years and two mos and her pedia advised me to stop na.. btw, you are now excused to household chores. lol.. get well finger! :)

  3. Hi! Oh! Hope it gets better soon! :-) I'm new to your blog! I missed your seems :-(

  4. ouchie!!! hope it gets well soon =(

  5. Aray! You must feel terrible! Hope the swelling subsides and the infection goes away soon. By chance, are you also putting on topical creams on that? Yung mga antipruritic and anti-inflammatory? Maybe you should. Ako naaawa sa yo eh! :(

  6. Jes and Nora, yes at 5 yrs old Juan is still dudu-ing.

    Des, Thank you for following my blog. hope to meet you in person

    Mia, hope to see you again

    Star. missssssss na kita...


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