March: Fire Prevention Month

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 115-A, issued by the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos on November 17, 1966, the country observes Fire Prevention Month in March every year. During this month, several activities are led by the Bureau of Fire Prevention (BFP), in collaboration with various government and private sector entities, to heighten the public awareness and involvement to prevent unnecessary losses of assets and lives due to fires.
I am proud to be cousins with two volunteer firefighters in our country.
First on the list is Renea Alberto. In the Philippines, it is uncommon for a woman to go into this line of job, but my cousin Eyang ( as we fondly call her) is one courageous lady.
Eyang is years younger than I am. I remember when we were little kids, we used to play together and had plenty of fun.
Here with her family. Eyang's husband, Dennis, is also a Volunteer Firefighter
Second, but not the least, is Allan Rey Alberto.
Allan and Eyang, by the way, are siblings.

Allan here receiving an's an honor being related to you guys!!!

Here are some basic tips that every Filipino citizen must follow:

Avoiding the use of metal items like staples or nails to fasten electric cords, the proper use, storage, and maintenance of electrical appliances, and unplugging of electrical appliances after use, among others, will go a long way in preventing electrical connection-related fires. Keeping out of the reach of children anything that is flammable or not leaving any lighted candle or even a mosquito coil unattended will help reduce the incidence of fire in many residences.
In the event that fires do break out, one should know what immediate steps need to be taken to keep them from spreading. Small fires may be extinguished by covering the flame with a non-flammable item like a pot cover or a dampened towel or blanket. Water should be used only for non-electrical fires. In the face of danger, one should quickly run to a safe place and allow trained fire fighters to extinguish the fire.


  1. wow! I salute your cousins, te joy! mabuhay!

    meron nga din kame fire drill dito one of these days. ganun pala talaga. hehe. salamat!


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