March 18, 2011

It's Okay Here at Ayos Dito

My friend lives in Bataan and owns a mini grocery. She's been looking for an owner type jeep for sale somewhere near her place, but to no avail. The vehicle she's looking for is very important for her business for her to be able to load more items needed by her clients.

(below is a photo of Honda Jazz I plan to buy)

Since the requirements she wants for the vehicle cannot be met where she lives, I advised her to try at buy & sell Philippines. As of this writing, my friend found many owner type jeep that actually meet her standards, she's just weighing her best option for the meantime.

If you're like my friend, looking for owner type jeep, you might like to try the advise I gave her. It's okay to buy here at Ayos Dito, you'll be able to find the best product you're looking for that suit your budget and preference.


  1. Thanks a lot mommy joy, this is a big help! Looking forward to more of your posts. ;)

  2. very helpful! theres so many options! thanks!!!

  3. ok, i will try this site.


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