April 3, 2011

Camelot - The Story That Was Never Told

Last night I had an opportunity to preview Camelot at Greenbelt 3 My Cinema. The myth of King Arthur has inspired many movies and drama series. If you believe you have seen it all, maybe it’s time to forget everything you think you know. This April 4 (Monday) at 9PM, AXN Beyond brings you Camelot, a dark and gripping take on the medieval legend that was never told. The 10-part series is an Irish/Canadian co-production by GK-tv, and created by British screenwriter Michael Hirst The series Camelot is being brought to life by a stellar cast.

Rising star Jamie Campbell Bower plays the young Arthur, while critically acclaimed actress Eva Green portrays key antagonist Morgan. Merlin is played by my favorite actor and theatre veteran Joseph Fiennes. Budding British actress-model Tamsin Egerton is Guinevere. Arthur’s birth mother Igraine is played by another favorite,English actress Claire Forlani (Brad Pitt's leading lady in Meet Joe Black), while Canadian actor Peter Mooney (takes the part of Arthur’s adoptive elder brother and loyal knight

Camelot's budget reached for almost US$50 million, with up to 400 cast and crew members involved, whoa that's a lot! It is wonderful to watch Camelot as it was shot amid stunning scenery in County Wicklow, Ireland, including on location at the stately Luggala Castle and the magnificent Powerscourt Estate.

Synopsis: Setting itself apart from other shows that have explored the Arthurian legend, Camelot traces the rise of young king Arthur as he struggles to unite a kingdom torn by war, deception and betrayal. The kingdom of Camelot teeters on the edge of turmoil when King Uther Pendragon is suddenly murdered through supernatural means. Sorcerer Merlin arrives too late to save the dying king, but dark visions compel him to install Uther’s secret son – hidden at birth and brought up as a commoner – as heir to the throne. So begins the rise of the young and impetuous Arthur as the new king. Allying with dark supernatural forces and the kingdom’s enemies, Morgan, Arthur’s beautiful but ruthlessly ambitious half sister, responsible for Uther’s death – wages a bitter war against him to claim the crown. In such trying times, Arthur finds the innocent yet strong Guinevere a beacon in the darkness and inspiration for him to grow into the king he has to become. Guided by Merlin’s magical foresight and belief, and aided by his brave knights, Arthur sets forth to bring justice, hope and freedom to a kingdom corrupted by violence, greed and despair.

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