April 26, 2011

Grand Riviera Hotel Review

Wanting to visit Kamay ni Hesus and beaches in Quezon, we've decided to stay in Grand Riviera Hotel, located at National Highway, Diversion Rd. Ilayang Dupay, Grand Terminal, Lucena City, Quezon

The hotel's facade is grand that I immediately liked the place. There's ample parking too.

The hotel's receptionist is a double thumbs down though. She seems to have come out from hibernation. She wasn't smiling at all! Gave us a wrong room too, that I didn't bother posting the Receptions area to protect this receptionists identity for I do not want her to lose her job. I just hope that the hotel's Management send her to a thorough customer service seminar.

(at the hotel lobby)

The room is quite small but I'm glad it's clean.

See that Jollibee sign? It's good it is walking distance away from the hotel, our kids were able to eat, what else...Chicken Joy!

One of it's latest feature is the Wave Pool that has attracted local residents as well. Unfortunately for us, we were not able to enjoy the wave because there has to be at least 25 persons to swim before they operate the wave pool.

The hotel's coffee shop

It was just us having breakfast during that time, but the atmosphere in this hotel is so laid-back, the staff moved oh so slow...zzzzz, almost had a dream while waiting for our breakfast.

The hotel has a Victorian Garden to host the picture perfect garden wedding.


  1. looks like you enjoyed a lot in this travel except for the staff of the hotel.. :)

  2. nice amenities! tukayo, is it pricey too?


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