April 29, 2011

Mother's Daughter

I grew up in an old-traditional Filipino family, my father works and my mother stayed home to care for us: 6 children and all.

(From left: Me, MAMA, Jubert, Ate Rose, Ate Sheila)

I remember at an early age of 10, I told myself that I will never be like my mother; who never had a formal career but chose to have a home-based business just so she could stay home and be with us, her children. I envied my classmates whose moms are career women. But don't get me wrong, I LOVE MY MAMA! She was the best. She was feisty, never allowed anyone to hurt her children as long as we are on the right path. What I admired most from my mother was that she was a very giving and forgiving person. She always had a ready hand to help those who are in need, be it a friend nor a stranger. She gave til it hurts, sometimes forgetting that our family too has needs to be met. She would always tell us that we are lucky, that we have enough. She was also a very forgiving person, to the point that she would even approach those who actually offended her.

When my father worked abroad, he wanted Mama to follow him so they can be together. Mama stayed for us, her children. When Papa's remittance arrived, Mama would bring us to eat and shop, sky's the limit! She would always remind us not to worry about the future because the future is a far away place and that God will provide.

When Mama's three elder sisters decided to work and live in London, she was asked to follow them but she turned them down for us, her children. She would always say, that we are okay, that we are lucky, that she is happier being with us.

My Mama passed away at an early age of 43 due to kidney failure last 1993 but she lived a full life. She gave when somebody asked for help, she consoled when someone needed consoling, she forgave even when forgiveness wasn't asked for.

I started working at an early age of seventeen, sent myself through College. I worked in big companies and held positions with big salaries, but I was restless and always looking for something. I cannot fathom what was lacking in my life. In year 2000, five months after giving birth to my twin kids Julia and Rafael, I resigned from work. That's when I realized, I am my mother's daughter...I am most joyful being a MOTHER!

I salute my friends, co-workers and all the women who stick to their jobs and have flourishing careers but I don’t envy them anymore. I have found the career I was looking for...


Nanay, mananatili ka sa alaala

Nanay, masasayang araw gaba'y sa akin

Puno ka ng pagmamahal, biyaya ka ng Maykapal

Wala ng makakapantay sa pag-ibig mong binigay

Oh, Nanay, hanggang muli na makapiling kita

Mga alala mo laging nasa puso't isipan ko pa


When the evening shadows fall
and the lovely day is through,
Then with longing I recall
the years I spent with you.
Mama, I miss the days
when you were near to guide me,
Mama, those happy days
when you were here beside me.
Safe in the glow of your love,
Sent from the heavens above,
Nothing can ever replace
The warmth of your tender embrace.
Oh, Mama, until the day
that we're together once more,
I'll live in these memories
Until the day that we're together once more


  1. aw so nice JOY! did you enter this na?

  2. oh what a lovely, lovely tribute. brought more tears to my eyes. thanks mommy joy for sharing this. yes, you are your mother's daughter :D

  3. What great inspiration your mom is to you sis. Baliktad tayo, my mom works hard time in the office and when she comes home, she's tired to tend us. I envy my classmates and friends mothers who have moms who take good care of them at home. And now, I am a different Mom than my Mom. I want to take good care of my kids at home. But I still love my Mom and learn many valuable things from her experience. Happy Mother's day in advance.


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