April 14, 2011

A Pajama Party for a Playful Mommy

I like making people happy, not that I'm a comedian, I just like to see happiness in another person's eyes. I'm fond of giving surprises to people that I truly like and love. It makes me joyful knowing I made someone smile.

I Met Jes Lising thru my friend Beda the last quarter of 2010. I emailed Jes and asked permission if I can use her photo from a Baby and Company event, from there we hit it right and the rest is history.

Upon learning that Jes will be leaving for the US of A come March 11, I immediately plan for an 'asalto', a surprise party for her. I enlisted Mommy Blogger friends who are close to Jes namely Pehpot, Nora, Fedhz, Jingke, Jenny, Beda, Lyn, Jing and Tetcha.

Here are my basic tips on how to throw a surprise party:

1. Select a date for the party.

2. Choose a theme (optional)

3. Choose the attendees. Make sure to invite only those very dear to the guest of honor and never invite a party pooper (otherwise the surprise party will be in vain).

(Cheerful Mommy Bloggers who each brought food for us to share)

4. Book the Venue/Designate a place

(Jes with the venue sponsor, John)

5. Send invitations with clear instructions that the party is a SURPRISE. The time of the party should also be designated at least 30 minutes prior to the guest of honor's arrival.

6. Then enlist someone to plan a "fake" activity with the guest of honor. This not only throws them off the scent, but now you know that the honoree will be available that day to have their surprise sprung.

(Nora and I collaborated, we told Jes we will be going at Club Mwah)

7. If you have a party theme, designate a dress code: avoid any embarrassment by making sure guests don't arrive in fancy party clothes, they MUST FOLLOW the theme for added fun.

(I brought 4 sets of Pajama, to be sure everyone will be in PJs, including Jes) 8. Lastly, make sure your guest of honor has a good sense of humor and will appreciate being caught off guard...like Jes here...


  1. aW!!!!! i LOVE YOU JOY!!! you made me very JOYful! I will never ever forget this special OCCASION...I love surprises! I love you all! Mwah! :))

  2. Nice one sis..based on the smiles in their faces.I am sure that they all have a blast

  3. wow ikaw pala ang organizer nun.. I saw the photos nga, well prepared at success ang surprise, saya saya nyo nga eh. Ang galing mo naman :) afir! (haha FC eh no)


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