April 23, 2011

Quality of life...Quality of service

My husband tells me that I am a 'high-maintenance wife'. Not that I am materialistic, I'm actually not into designer stuff, although John insists and keeps on buying me what most women want like expensive clothes, bags, jewelries and the like.

(Photo taken when Juan was born last February 8, 2006)

He calls me a 'high-maintenance wife' because I've got medical conditions that requires me to visit my doctors from time to time. For my hormonal imbalance, I frequent Makati Medical Center to see Dr. Augusto Litonjua. Capitol Medical Center for OB-Gyne, Dr. Roger Mendiola. Lastly (and hopefully last), Dr. Milagros Leyva of Lourdes Hospital for my general health.

During these visits and confinement, if I'm at my worst condition, I noticed how my state becomes better when doctors, nurses and other medical staff are friendly and accommodating. It is also very nice to see them wearing clean medical dresses as compared to unclean and tattered medical uniforms that others wear during their watch.

Quality of life has become one of the main objectives of every hospital or medical care facilities. It is greatly enhanced with the quality of service provided by the staff (i.e. doctors, nurses, receptionists, etc.) Medical appointments and medical procedures is eased when done by medical practitioners who shows real concern and compassion.

"Body and soul cannot be separated for purposes of treatment, for they are one and indivisible. Sick minds must be healed as well as sick bodies." ~C. Jeff Miller

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