April 7, 2011

Residence Inn Accommodation Review

It was a lazy Monday last April 4, we decided to go on a road trip, destination: Tagaytay - Residence Inn. I've been to Residence Inn a couple of times before, the last trip was 2006, I didn't know they have an accommodation. We've decided to spend the night here in preparation for the next day adventure.

The view is majestic, add to that the cool weather, 25C during our stay - not bad for summer eh?

We stayed at the VIP Room (Rate:P3,108 from Sunday to Thursday/P3,996 from Fri. to Sat.)

I'd recommend this place for lovers, sweethearts, and yeah adventurous families like mine who can tolerate no television. They do have a television, no cable though and the only clear channel you can get is GMA-7. Not wi-fi ready, so I wasn't able to do the articles I needed to finish.

I wouldn't recommend this place for senior citizens, people with disability and kids who are hyper active because the steps are steep and the railings are not safe enough for little ones.

My daughter's first reaction when she saw the bathroom (mind you, Julia does not talk too much), "Mom, the bathroom is too small and there's no bath tub". Shower is available but I honestly appreciate they have provided a pail and dipper (water conservation is a must!). The water heater did not function well enough. They didn't provide tootbrush/toothpaste; good thing I'm always ready with it. In fairness to Residence Inn, the bathroom is clean.

The room's interior is very nice, the space was maximized. And the view, oh this view...

The bedroom's interior design is also a welcome sight, although John and I were not able to sleep because of bed bugs.

Staying at Residence Inn is like going back to the basics: basic television (no cable), no wi-fi, tabo at timba, magagalang na mga tao...the staff are friendly, it's like staying at a relatives' place in the province. Talking to them, and hearing Residence Inn staff answer you with a po and opo brings back memories of good ol' days...

All in all, it was the POOH Family that enjoyed this place so much. From left to right, PoohLOY, POOH, PoohNAY, PoohSHA, PoohTAY.


  1. wow! happy to see a happy family bonding time in this post. and I love the view! that was really...oh! oh-some!


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