April 21, 2011

Walking Stick

We see them everywhere, they help us in more ways than we can imagine...walking stick . Some people call it a walking cane, though there is a big difference between the two. A walking stick is used for fashion and accessory while a walking cane is used for medical purposes.

Seeing a walking stick reminds me of my grandmother, Lola Ebeng. At an early age of forty or so, she suffered from rheumatism and arthritis that made it difficult for her to walk. The doctor recommended that she get a walking stick. Being fashionable herself, my grandmother preferred to call it a walking stick.

My brother Bob, on the other hand had to rely on a walking cane when he had a vehicular accident some years back.

Walking sticks for men and women are of varying styles and colors that one has a choice whether to get a black, a blue or a brown one. Some high ranking people even adorn their walking sticks with jewels.

Others would use walking sticks as a weapon, say for example Ben Affleck from the movie Daredevil.

(TCF, 2003) Expertly constructed aluminum walking cane with wooden handle and raised silver Daredevil insignia mounted at the very top. In the film, Affleck’s cane transforms into a multi-use weapon, with nunchaku,cable, and dagger elements incorporated into the special effects prop. This piece is joined at the handle and extension only, and was most likely used for the courtroom scenes at the very beginning of the film. Comes with a letter of authenticity from prop maker Paul Perry, who was contracted by the studio to make the canes and club props for the film. Estimate $1,500 – $2,500 (Source: Prop Archives)

Photo Source: Daredevil, The Movie)

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