May 5, 2011

Brighten up Summer

Brighten up your summer days with these cool flip-flops from Ginga!!!

The sizzling summer season is up and about. Now is the perfect time to don on your swimsuits and summer outfits as Ginga helps you to be hip and chic!

For popular casual footwear brand Ginga, pronounced as jinga (which literally means to rock back and forth or to swing like the fundamental movement in capoeira), flip-flops are a must-have for summer strolls and beach getaways. They are comfy, stylish, durable, and easy to clean and dry. As it comes in various colors, you need not fret of not having anything to match your summer wear.

And of course, your favorite leisure activities like shopping, dining out, and mall hopping are year-round activities anyway, so you’ll always have a good reason to wear your comfiest footwear and outfits! Check out these trendsetting Ginga flip-flops:

The Ginga Basic Flip Flop Ad that comes in plain vibrant summer colors that brings out a simple yet stylish fashion that evokes class and sophistication for each individual

The Ginga Printing Fem III models feature stylish geometric designs and eye-catching colors, a perfect combination for cool fashion. Coupled with hip linear designs with solid colors, easy to match with your favorite apparel.

The Ginga PrintIng III ad models offer striking colors and wild designs with oceanic vibe, a chic look for the adventurous type.

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