May 11, 2011

From One Mother to Another

I'm one sentimental person, I like collecting and keeping memorabilias. Receiving a greeting card is also a great way to make my day joyful. So when Ruby Ricafrente and Willa Stock initiated a Mother's Day exchange card from among the circle of PMC - A Place for Filipina Mommy Bloggers, I immediately signed up.

Yesterday, I received my Mother's Day card from Raya Gregorio, all the way from Thailand.

It was truly nice of Raya to add a little something from Thailand, a ref magnet.

I'd like to make a special mention to Mommy Rubz for sending me a Mother's Day postcard...

And this is what I sent to Leira Pagaspas, plus a shirt, two weeks ago via Philpost. Unfortunately, up to now, she has not receive it yet.


  1. oh, how sweet were the mommies on blogland:)

  2. wow, those are really nice mother's day loot, mommy joy!
    stopping by from the blogger's exchange + do visit my site + i do hope you can join my giveaway too :)

  3. wow nice! naks...nai apply mo n ang natutunan mo sa scrapbooking :) hehehe
    nweis thanks for visiting sa kitchen ko ehhehe hope you can make one of those bacon wrapped asparagus. its healthy :D hehehe show me the pics ha ehhehe :))

  4. hello Joy! followed your blog. And yay! I saw your post about my card. I see you are a party host, which explains the pretty purple hair! haha! love it! :)


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