May 8, 2011

If The Shoe Fits

I'm fascinated with women who can wear high heels! My height is just 4'11 3/4 (konti na lang, di pa naging 5'..haay) but I cannot bring myself to wear high-pointed heels. Wedge - by far is the only high-heeled shoes I can wear during events that calls for me to look taller.

Visiting the office of Soyami and Active Fun - SM North last February transported me in a different dimension. I thought I was in a wrong place! I was expecting boxes of Soyami Chips thrown all over the place. What welcomed me is a wall full of high-heeled shoes!

These shoes are made to order, worn by 'artistas', socialites, and the likes. These Apple Morales shoes are even exported in Hong Kong and United States of America.

Price ranges from P7,500 and up.

To order and own one or two pairs, you may contact Apple Morales at 0917-5841975

Apple Morales, the owner of Soyami and Active Fun-SM North Edsa, and the creator of these pretty, pointed high-heels.


  1. wow agganda ng shoes!! ang kaso ang tatas! aw! d keri ng powers ko yan :)


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