May 10, 2011

Inner Wear

My eldest sister, Rose, graduated with the degree in Nursing. What I would remember every time she comes home from a hospital duty is how awful it is to see patients meeting an accident. Most often than not, whenever there's an emergency, the nurses would have to cut the clothes of the patient to give the necessary first-aid. I remember how my sister would say, "it is very important that ladies underwear are kept neat and in good condition so when you meet an unnecessary accident it will save you from embarrassment of some sort. This may sound morbid. No pun intended for any patients here, no offense meant too for the hospital workers and staff.

Although I was in my early teens then, I cannot fully comprehend what my sister wanted to impart. As I grew older, this is when I realized how important inner garments are, not only for intimate moments purposes but also for the comfort and support that it actually gives to the one who wears it.

I'm not a bag-a-holic, nor a shoe-a-holic type of woman. In short, I do not splurge on bags and shoes. I'd rather spend my money buying ladies inner garment that are fashionable and comfortable. Every Christmas and my birthday, my 3 sisters (sometimes even my 2 brothers),

doesn't ask anymore what present I like. They know for sure what to give me.

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