May 28, 2011

Nothing Beats Alaska

I used to join run/marathons when I was in Elementary and High School. Being a working student, I was forced to stop in College to focus on my work and school. After giving birth to Juan in 2006, I vowed to join run once again. Being an advocate of breastfeeding, I planned to join Mommy Milkshake Marathon in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. But each and everytime, something comes up that will forced me to back out from the race, like when my pair of running shoes broke (basically because of prolonged unused, har!har!). On Running, you will be needing a good pair of running shoes that will help you finish the race. I heard there's a new running shoes arriving in the Philippines soon. Well, here's hoping that this Momma-Running-Wannabe gets a pair from them (my shoe size 6).

Going back to my story, after reading Alaska Fun Run from Little Running Teacher, I immediately signed up. Many circumstances was forcing me to, once again, quit on this run like: I got sick, our race bibs got lost, we signed up for 3k but we were had no choice but to run at 5K and many more.

Alaska's motto, "wala pa ring tatalo sa Alaska", proved to be true for me on this race. Despite all odds, my family and I were able to join and finished Alaska's Family Fun Run.

(Arrived at the site at 5am)

(two thumbs-up at first kilometer)(had to drink three bottles of water at 2 kilometers)

(was planning to quit at 3 kilometers)(no more photo for the fourth kilometer, I was out of poise already. At 5km, I knew, I did) (John and the kids going for the finish line)
(finally, meeting my partner, Juan, at the finish line. Juan run a kilometer ahead of me!)



  1. grabe super nakakapagod yan!!! but sarap ng feeling after!!

  2. Wow kumpleto talaga ang barkada! Just dropping by sis. Hihi.

  3. Wow, Mommy Joy! Fit na fit ah! :D

  4. wow galing ni JUAN! anu b naman tong nanay n to wala ng time kasi n tatakbo k mag rest k muna...wag muna manggapang :))


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