May 18, 2011

SkinStation’s Painless Laser Hair Removal Gets Raves

No more waxing, shaving, or plucking. No more painful laser hair removal. Yes, the once-impossible PAIN-FREE way to have smooth, hair-free legs, underarms, or bikini line is now a reality. Make way for Soprano Diode Super Hair Removal (SHR), the next generation of safe, effective, and pain-free laser hair removal system. Thanks to leading beauty and spa clinic SkinStation, this most advanced technology in the USA is now in the Philippines!

So why is it so great? Clients are swooning about the treatment because it is absolutely painless, convenient, comfortable, and delivers consistent and permanent results. “Soprano SHR is a breakthrough, it is the answer to the long-standing need for safe and effective, yet painless hair removal,” says SkinStation Chairman Fred Reyes.
The science behind Soprano SHR is a combination of low fluence, rapid pulsing diode with an in-motion treatment technology to get rid of the hair follicle and prevent re-growth, while protecting the epidermis, thus providing a painless procedure.

With DualChill tip that can cover larger skin areas, a swift repetition rate, and a sweeping motion of the handpiece, Soprano SHR covers the skin completely, eliminating skipped spots common to other types of laser. This also means faster procedures and longer term results.

Each session lasts for only 10-30 minutes. The procedure is suitable for all skin types and hair types, including tanned skin and all pigmented hair. It also works well with most hair colors.

The best part of it all is that SkinStation offers the treatment at an incredibly affordable rate.
Sounds too good to be true?

Try it and see for yourself! Sit back, relax, and enjoy a 100% PAIN-FREE laser hair removal for your underarms, upper lip, legs, or bikini line, or be daring and get the exciting Brazilian/Boyzilian!

For more details, call SkinStation TIMOG at 492-1929 or 0923-8235717 check out


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaah i want to have that!!! i want a hair removal sa under arm :D

    if I have budget ahahha :D

  2. am sure this will be very handy for those hairy moms, hehe, luckily i haven't got that much problem with hair, well except sa bikini area, i guess ;)
    stopping by from tbe!

  3. I want to undergo hair removal sa underarm too, well, of budget permits.

  4. This is what I want for my keli keli :D


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