May 2, 2011

Why Play Clay?

Julia has been bugging me for weeks now to blog about their clay creation, I've been putting it off for personal reasons...could it be laziness? Nah, it's just that I can't find the photos. Enough reasoning out, here it goes...

Clay is probably one of the most underrated and mostly forgotten toy for kids. With the emergence of computers and other gaming gadgets, clay will most likely be seen in pre-school classes, and from time to time in Elementary and Secondary schools.

So why play clay?

Here are some of the benefits :

1. Manipulating a piece of clay develops the child’s large and small muscles.

2. Clay play fosters eye-hand coordination.

3. Clay is so fascinating that some children work for long periods without any adult motivation to maintain their interest. It can be a great way to extend the attention span of some children .

5. Clay stimulates the child’s curiosity. Intelligence, imagination, and creativity are engaged and fostered.

On a more personal note, clay is great for I get to finish reading my book without interruption because Julia, Rafael and Juan were busy playing clay.


  1. hi! my angels love to play clay too! :D

  2. Ayex has that ice cream maker set too!

    I think when kids are older, playing with clay is really fun both for the kids and parents. I say this because when kids are older, they already know how to clean their mess. If Ayex plays with her clay, they end up on the carpet.


Thank you for the joyful comments!